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White Rabbit Restaurant

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The restaurant was opened in 2011 and spans a total area of 850 square meters, quite impressive for a place known as the "White Rabbit's burrow." The concept of the restaurant revolves around the idea of playfulness, with the interior design drawing inspiration from the theatrical Art Deco style and the whimsical characters of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" tale. The guest's journey into this wonderland begins in the entrance hall, where large portraits of the rabbit family adorn the walls, their reflections mirrored in the panels.

The panoramic upper floor offers a breathtaking view, with carefully arranged furniture allowing guests to fully appreciate the cityscape. Dominating the center of the floor is a grand three-meter-high fireplace portal, adding a touch of warmth and coziness. The furniture, adorned in extraordinary vibrant colors, ensures that guests remain immersed in the fairy tale atmosphere. Adding to the enchantment, the bar counter is ingeniously crafted from real books, perfectly aligning with the overall concept of the establishment.

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