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Bathhouse Complex with Restaurant

Moscow region
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The concept of the project is based on creating a balanced, comfortable, and multifunctional object with a large number of separate infrastructure elements that collectively create the effect of a single organism. The excellent location on the bank of the Moscow River played an important role. Compact yet spacious buildings are oriented towards the water with their main terraces, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view while being close to nature.

Following the idea of strict simple volumes for the main buildings, the decision was made to support their rhythm by shifting the walls of the second floor and "shrinking" them onto one straight line. This effect is complemented by a pergola with a complex curved shape that smoothly transitions over all the baths and reaches the end of the restaurant. This unifies and supports the concept of the complex, visually transforming the blocks into a common structure.

The territory is used functionally to the fullest extent possible, with a convenient car access and a preserved green walking area for comfortable relaxation. The large number of trees creates a secluded atmosphere for groups of visitors in each block of the bath complex.

Design credits ub.design

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