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Seagal Dojo School Resort

Moscow region
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The project is located on a spacious plot of land, which is bounded by a picturesque river. The area is characterized by an active relief with a difference in height of about 15 meters and a large number of trees, making it a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The total area of the complex is 12,140 square meters, with an average building height of 1-2 floors and a maximum height of 17 meters. The complex offers several architectural and planning solutions, with the main building being the DOJO martial arts school. Other facilities include the House of Receptions, Seagal apartments, a sports complex with a pool, a bath complex, a hotel complex for 32 people, a residential building for 8-10 people, a blocked residential building for 12 people, three individual residential buildings for 4-6 people, and an administrative block for 36 personnel. In addition, a Japanese restaurant with a seating capacity of 30 people is planned to be built as well.

The architectural style of the complex is a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese architecture, adapted to the unique climate and landscape. The main materials used for construction and finishing are wood, glass, and stone, which perfectly complement the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

Design credits ub.design

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